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Oops! But Here, Have Some Cookies?

Whomp whomp. Sadface. Bummer. I missed last week. It kind of snuck up on me, I think, as I’m doing a lot of planning for the upcoming weeks and there’s only so much brainpower I can muster with allergy-face. We properly cleaned out a closet last week and I’m still coming down from the dust-induced… Continue reading Oops! But Here, Have Some Cookies?

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Muddy Road Ice Cream

What is it with me sharing out-of-season recipes? I did the same thing with my sorbet recipe in January and ice cream recipe in October last year. But, whatevs– yumminess ahead!! I decided to call this delectable treat Muddy Road Ice Cream, as it’s Rocky Road with the addition of a ribbon of homemade caramel, and it makes… Continue reading Muddy Road Ice Cream

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How to Make Your Videos Deaf/HOH Accessible

Unless you know me personally, you might not know that I’m learning ASL. A few months ago, I felt the urge to pick this back up again (I learned a fair bit in my middle school years when our church gained a deaf member and provided lessons to anyone wanting to learn to communicate with… Continue reading How to Make Your Videos Deaf/HOH Accessible

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Did You Know that Dragons Love Tacos?

So, there’s this book. It’s adorable and silly, and revolves around the fact that– if you didn’t know– Dragons Love Tacos. Super fun read. The kids love it. And there’s this boy. He stole my heart away the moment I laid eyes on him (mere seconds before he peed on his dad, before he could… Continue reading Did You Know that Dragons Love Tacos?

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Little Pink Dress from a Wedding Bell Cutter

I love when cookie cutters are multi-functional. It helps pare down unnecessary cutters from your collection (thus saving space), and if you’re clever you can find new ways of using a shape. Recently I filled an order for these sweet baby shower cookies: The client gave me wiggle room to play and I really wanted… Continue reading Little Pink Dress from a Wedding Bell Cutter

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An Interesting Combination

This week is all about the cookies again, and all of them went to the same birthday party. I was asked to do some cookies for a friend’s combination birthday party, and each of the children had distinctly different tastes. First, there was the sweet little girl who loves cows. Say it (all together, now!),… Continue reading An Interesting Combination