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Well, Maybe it’s a BIG Obsession…

Confession time: I’m addicted. To Copics. Like, I don’t have any more spending money, I’ve put way too much thought it, I can’t wait till I have a little more money to get more, Addicted with a capital A, Addicted. I’ve bought two more 24-count custom box sets of Ciao’s from Period Style, and I’ve been using as many coupons as I can lay my hands on to get Sketches.

Last week’s post went up about a week after I wrote it. At the time that I wrote it, I only had the 24 I wrote about in that post. As of writing this post, I have over 80. I more than tripled my collection in two weeks from my first acquisition.

I think I have a problem, y’all.

There’s a meme I’ve seen floating around that says, “Teach your kids to love art and crafts and they’ll never have money for drugs.” Um, yeah. I’m there. Not that I needed money for drugs in the first place, but, er, yeah…

And let me clarify, that when I say I’ve put way too much thought into it, I mean I’ve put WAY too much thought into it. You may recall that I recommended getting Sandy Allnock’s Hex Chart, right? Well, I uploaded her colored version into Photoshop and used layers to help me visualize a lot of the information on which colors were available in which markers (that’s my money-saving plan, you see: get what I can in the Ciaos, fill in where I need to with Sketches). (Haha– money-saving plan for Copics… that’s funny…)


Now, before you ask: No, I can’t make this available to you. The original hex chart is not my work, and I therefore can’t share it. This is just to show you what a ridiculous quantity of time I’ve spent on this. Don’t be me: just go get markers. 😛

That said, the following is my list of newly acquired Ciao’s from Period Style. I have about a dozen Sketches now, but I’ve been buying them from local hobby stores with coupons, and have just been snagging ones that I just really like, with no real planning involved. The list below was based on a few different metrics: 1- broaden my selection of skin tones, 2- broaden selection of greyscales, and 3- get a more balanced selection of all colors, filling in where I thought my first order fell short.

So, here goes, the 48 colors I ordered this go-around and my commentary:

  • B00-Frost Blue
  • B45-Smokey Blue (very pretty, slightly grey-blue)
  • B29-Ultramarine (similar to a Royal blue, but more vibrant)
  • B63-Light Hydrangea (very slightly lavender undertone)
  • BG09-Blue Green (adore this color!! Think deep peacock green, or maybe the blue-green of a starling or raven’s wing)
  • BG10-Cool Shadow
  • BG72-Ice Ocean (another nice grey-blue, distinctly lighter than B45)
  • BG96-Bush (would serve as a good substitute for olive in a pinch)
  • BV08-Blue Violet
  • C2-Cool Gray 2
  • C5-Cool Gray 5
  • C7-Cool Gray 7 (I think this was a good selection of cool greys. Each is different enough to have a broad range, but close enough to blend well without having all the C’s)
  • E000-Pale Fruit Pink (visually similar to YR000, but work well together for subtle shading/blending)
  • E04-Lipstick Natural (slightly purple looking earth tone, this is actually a really good lip shade if you want your people to look like they’re not wearing makeup)
  • E11-Bareley Beige (darker than I initially thought it would be, and slightly more saturated for something called “beige”, but fits a niche in my earth/skin tone family)
  • E15-Dark Suntan
  • E21-Soft Sun
  • E25-Caribe Cocoa (comes out a lightly dusty looking brown, much like cocoa powder)
  • E37-Sepia
  • E41-Pearl White (rather light color, can be subtle on the page, but if you’re coloring pale characters it’s worth having this and E50 as base tones. E41 is slightly more grey than E50 is)
  • E50-Eggshell (again, rather light color; slightly more pinkish than E41, but more tan-ish than E000)
  • E53-Raw Silk
  • E57-Light Walnut
  • G21-Lime Green (not a strong, artificial Lime, but closer to the actual color of a living lime fruit. A soft, slightly sage color)
  • G28-Ocean Green
  • G85-Verdigris (visually similar to G94, slightly lighter; good for blending together)
  • G94-Grayish Olive (visually similar to G85, slightly darker; good for blending together)
  • R20-Blush (very pretty light pink; quite suitable for blush/makeup)
  • R27-Cadmium Red (visually similar to R46, from my previous order, but distinctly different undertones. R27 has dinstinctly stronger “red” to me)
  • R32-Peach (I tend to visualize peach as slightly more orange than this, but it’s still quite a pretty color, another suitable for coloring makeup)
  • R59-Cardinal (visually similar to R89, which I also have, but subtle undertone difference)
  • RV21-Light Pink (to me this is almost, but not quite, fluorescent pink)
  • RV34-Dark Pink (think dusty rose)
  • RV95-Baby Blossoms (soft grey-purple; I want more blending tones to go with this)
  • V000-Pale Heath (slightly pinkish undertone on this pale purple)
  • V17-Amethyst
  • W3-Warm Gray 3
  • W7-Warm Gray 7 (when combined with last order’s W1 and W5, I feel I have an excellent selection of greys)
  • Y15-Cadmium Yellow (kind of school bus yellow)
  • Y21-Buttercup Yellow (much closer to what I was looking for when I first thought “yellow”– soft, warm yellow, rather than “highlighter” like Y06 was)
  • YG00-Mimosa Yellow
  • YG17-Grass Green
  • YG41-Pale Cobalt Green
  • YG95-Pale Olive
  • YR000-Silk (visually similar to E000, but a little bit more orange undertone; work well together)
  • YR00-Powder Pink
  • YR02-Light Orange
  • YR23-Yellow Ochre (very earthy orange)

Obviously, you decide what works best for you. Here’s a comparison of my first order with this current order:

Image (14)bb

First order is obviously a little more primary and basic, while the second order reflects more of my color personality. It’s more earthy, deeper, with a lot more green/grey, and few more jewel-tone colors.

And I’ve been having lots of fun with these new markers!! Here’s a peek:

Image (19)Image (22)

There’s more to come! If I find a good way to do it, I may offer prints and/or sell the originals, so stay tuned to future posts to find out more on that.

And, as always, thanks for reading!


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