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The Surprise Baby Shower Cookies

So, I have these friends. Because this is the internet, we’ll call them J and S. J and S are awesome friends. Seriously. No one has better friends than these people are. Last year when life went crazy for a few months (back when we were living with my parents because our house sprung a teensy-weensy leak that led to about 60% of our house needing to be renovated, and about 80% of the house wound up having stuff done to it? Yeah, back then.), they invited our whole family to come stay with them and their family. Multiple times. Our then-19-to-22-month-old and then-2-to-5-month-old  under the same roof as their then-2.5-year-old and then 4-to-7-month-old all at once. It was crazy. And it was awesome. They’re amazing, and helped me keep my sanity in a time when sanity was as hard to come by as a hipster who likes drinking Folgers and shopping at Walmart.

We’re living two hours away, now that we’re actually living in our repaired house, so it’s not always easy to get to see them. But when we got invited to a surprise baby shower J and our mutual friends were arranging for S and baby #3, we jumped on the chance to celebrate with them. S has been so supportive of my cookie work, so I decided I would make a batch for the party.

And they turned out SO. CUTE.

The party was themed around onesies (everyone brought some to hang on a clothesline to give to her) and the jungle. So, I made jungle-themed onesies!


All the animal cookies! I was absolutely tickled with how cute they turned out! Using the edible marker makes those tiger stripes pop, and adds a little bit of a fun, cartoon element to all their faces.


This sampling shows each of the four animals with all of the blue onesies, which I decided to play with and do more variation on. I think if I were to do this set again I would do three each of the palm trees and leaves rather than all the different patterns. I had lots of fun with the patterns, though, and they were mostly for fun, anyway.


All individually packaged and ready to go!


Here’s how they were presented at the shower/party. Everyone loved them, and S was ecstatic, which makes my heart happy!

Special thanks to my mom for helping me brainstorm a fourth animal that would use only the colors I had already mixed (it’s the parrot, by the way). I was absolutely tickled with how they turned out. It seriously makes me want to do some more baby cuteness!! But, best of all, S loved them! It’s all for the love, people.

I think this is my favorite baby shower theme now, though I might be a bit biased. 😉 What’s your favorite baby shower theme?

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “The Surprise Baby Shower Cookies

  1. I LOVED reading this post!!! And your creativity is beyond words!!!! You’re work is amazing (and super tasty)!
    Your heart that you’ve poured into this post and obviously into your work is super precious! Thank you for sharing it (your transparency) and your talents!
    Love you, dear!


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