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The Blue Willow Gift

Last week I got to share what wonderful friends I have, and I get to do it again this week! This time I had the privilege of getting to watch one of my oldest friends get married. Not old by age. I suppose the better way to say it would be she’s my longest standing friendship. C and I met when we were about third graders, and she’s one of the sweetest, most giving people I know.

I once read this article about “scruffy hospitality” , which immediately made me think of C. She’s always been that amazing person that will drop everything she had hoped to do for the evening just to have the chance to feed you and spend time with you. I can’t count the parties, Singings, and impromptu “hey, why don’t you come over”‘s I’ve experienced with her. Her doors are always as open as her enormous heart.

So, when she called me several months ago to tell me she was engaged, I was over the moon ecstatic for her! I immediately began to plot the perfect gift for her. After my recent foray into cookie boxes, it came to me. She has a beautiful collection of Blue Willow china she has gathered over the years, and it seemed the perfect jumping-off point for a cookie box design.

I started by researching the design and sketched out some of the primary motifs. After making the box itself and allowing the royal icing to fully dry, I simply hand-painted the designs onto the box. I used a mix of Navy and Royal Blue gel food color and alcohol (vodka) to create my “paint,” and used a paintbrush reserved exclusively for food use. There were some small errors along the way, due to painting the designs freehand. When painting dark blue on a pure white surface, you don’t really get “do overs.” But, ultimately, the problem spots were minor and were lost in the overall patterns.

Blue Willow Cookies (7)

The front of the box with a traditional Blue Willow motif, along with some of the accompanying “broken china” cookies.

Blue Willow Cookies (2)

The rear of the box with a personal monogram and framed in a traditional diamond pattern. I feel like I was once told this was a fish scale pattern, but I can’t find anything to back that claim up.

Blue Willow Cookies (6)

And, even better: I have the complete painting process of the individual “broken china” cookies here:

And the complete painting process of the Blue Willow box here:

As always, Thanks for reading! (And watching!)


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