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Wood, Stone, & Moss: Inspiration Roundup & How-To!

What are men to Rocks and… Moss…

Nothing like a little shameless malapropism to get a post started on the right foot! (And if you know the original quote and where it came from, I probably already like you.) But it seems about right for this week’s cookies! After a recent order I had a little dough left over and I wanted to try a couple little techniques I had been drooling over all week.

First, I encountered these beautiful moss cookies on Instagram (and had to save it to my Pinterest):

And after I saw those, I wondered if anyone had information on how to make that beautiful moss. After a spot of research, I found this:

So that gave me what I wanted to know. I wanted to give it a go, but I really wanted to incorporate it with a second technique: barnwood!

How beautiful is this wood effect?! I love the shabby-chic look  some of them have, and especially the farmhouse/reclaimed barnwood look. I knew I had to try it, and that the moss would look beautiful with it! Here are some of the final results, but stick around– there’s a process/how-to video after the jump!


And now for the good stuff: watch them being made! 🙂

First, the Moss and Stone cookies:

And the Barnwood Monogram Cookies:

Thank you, please come again!


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