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Three Marker Challenge

I’ve debated posting this or not, as there were some problems during video capture and so it’s not as complete as I’d like. I waffled around about it for a bit, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t worthless, and is reasonable enough content to start with. I’ll likely do some more of these (with better video, now that I’ve replaced my spastic old phone), as I had a lot of fun doing it, despite the capture problems.

My first three marker challenge! Go!

Obviously, there is one outdated bit in the video, and that’s the number of markers I have to work with. At the time of recording I only had the 24 I showed, but I’m now up to 92. Eek! I need to stop spending money, y’all, but I think I have a problem!!

At any rate, I had a lot of fun with this, despite the challenges that weren’t, er, related to the challenge. So, tell me, would you like to see more like this? I’ve already learned more about using my markers since I made the video, so I’m thinking I might do another one sometime in September-ish. Thoughts?

As always, thanks for reading!


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