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All About the Cookies!

Between orders and donations, I’ve had a fairly busy couple of weeks! The beginning of September was all about the cookies, one way or another. They went from getting ready in the morning to shooting out of this world! Take a look!

First, I agreed to make a donation to the Fresh Grounded Faith Women’s Conference that was held here in Huntsville early this month. One of my friends who I know through MOPS leadership training was in charge of coordinating the door prizes and thoughtfully came to me with a request. I decided it was an excellent opportunity to get my name out there and provided two prizes.

Now, with the theme “Fresh Grounded Faith,” I wanted to try something a little different and went into “Development Mode,” and came out with a brand new flavor of cookie: Mocha Espresso! It’s a big hit of chocolate and coffee that tastes fantastic with the icing. The first prize was a boxed set of Coffee and Donuts cookies, with one large conference logo cookie:


The second, made with the same Mocha Espresso cookies, were themed around Fall and the freshly returned PSL:


I was very happy with how the bouquet turned out, and I’m more confident in my ability to pull together a nice bouquet (I think finding a good foam to push the cookie pops into is part of the secret). But just look at those fall leaves! That’s probably my favorite thing about fall: the changing colors of the beautiful leaves! I really wanted to capture that, and I’m in love with these hand-painted leaves!

I also had two birthday cookie orders. One was Birthday Party themed, and turned out really cute! The client wanted one large “cake” cookie for the birthday girl, then more cookies to serve at the party. Her favorite color was purple, so she requested that one of each set of shapes (balloons, candles, gifts, party hats, cakes, and cupcakes) be purple.


I took the opportunity to play with some of my extra materials to try out a fun technique: freestanding letters! I could also do this with any number of other cookies: characters, numbers, trucks, animals, etc. They could be really cute as edible decoration at a party!!

My second birthday order was for a sweet girl turning two, whose theme was “Busy as a Bee.” And look how darling these turned out!!


Aren’t they absolutely precious?! I had a ton of fun with that sweet set.

And, finally, I had another “donation” set for the kickoff of our new season of MOPS! Now, if you don’t know what MOPS is, here’s a rundown: it stands for Mothers Of PreSchoolers, and it’s a support system that encourages & equips moms of young kids to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the church. It’s the most amazing community and life resource I have ever encountered, and after my move to Huntsville, it was the second social/support system I researched (after churches). If you’re a mom of sub-kindergartners, head over to the MOPS website to find a group near you! This year’s theme is “We are the Starry Eyed,”and this is what I decided to do:


Silver stars and starry galaxies. I watched the video tutorial by SweetAmbs and went to town! These were a lot of fun to do– if very, VERY messy!

Thanks for reading!!


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