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Welcome to the WIP Zone

So, I don’t have anything to show this week, because I haven’t had any recent cookie orders and all my crafts are WIP (works in progress). But even that is worth something, so let’s take a peek, shall we?

To begin, I’ve spent today doing some spinning. I’ve had this Merino top roving for some time, and I decided that sounded like just the right kind of project to keep my hands busy (and therefore off Facebook, and therefore away from the political turmoil that continually grace my newsfeed these days…). the colorway is called “Brown Paper Packages,” which sounded right for when it was in the roving stage, but as I’ve been spinning it up, it makes me think of a salted caramel mocha. Which, of course, just makes me want one. This is what it’s looking like at the moment:


I keep meaning to get back to a scarf I started last winter in a fantastic Brioche pattern, so I’ve pulled it out to poke at:


And, finally, I’ve done a half-dozen concept sketches for my next art video:


Although I can’t get started on them yet, I have two upcoming cookie orders that I’ll be sure to get pictures of, and I’m hoping to do a video of one order in particular (let’s just say it’s really putting me in the Halloween spirit!!).

But despite hovering in the WIP Zone this week, things are moving along, and I’m starting to get more cookie orders in! So be sure to check out next week’s update to see how things have progressed!

As always, thanks for reading!!


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