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My First Craft Fair

So, those of you who tune in know that there was not a regular post last week because I was busy with my first craft fair!!

I’m a part of an area MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) group, and we threw together a fundraiser Holiday Marketplace. The goal was to allow our group’s “momtrepreneurs” to have the opportunity to sell goods, make contacts, and gain exposure for their small businesses. There was a huge variety of small businesses: Disney vacation booker, handmade wreaths, hand-lettered art, peg dolls, Christmas ornaments, monogramming, and more. And, of course, me!

After several weeks of mental preparation and written planning, the mad scramble of the last three days were almost a relief, even as crazy as they were. The final result was this:


On the left are my fiber arts products (hand-knits, spinning kits, and hand-spun yarns). I had a lot of lookie-loos on the yarn and shawl, but no takers. But on the plus side, my cookies did great!!

I took a dozen each of these sweet critters. The foxes were Classic Sugar, the raccoons were Brown Sugar, and the skunks were Chocolate Chip. It’s a toss-up between the foxes and raccoons for my favorites. I’m always a sucker for foxes, but just look at those sweet little bandit faces!!


These were an experiment in homemade stencils. They are legible, but I will be making some tweaks to the stencil for future use. These cookies were wrapped together in a flavor sampler. I took ten bags, though I wish I had done more– these sold out the fastest!


I wish I had gotten a better finished photo of these, because they turned out SO CUTE! But, alas, I was on the verge of insanity by the time I was finished with these (after everything else) and I forgot. These were smaller cookies, so they got packed in sets of two, of which there were six.

All told, I took 55 decorated cookies. In addition to those listed above, I took thirteen (because I miscounted) Mocha Espresso flavored “Starbucks” cups, six large holiday cookie boxes, six small holiday cookie boxes, and four holiday sampler bags.

I also took about some Hershey chocolate packs that I had decoratively wrapped for holiday gift-giving.

Out of that, I took home six mocha-espresso coffee cups, two large holiday cookie boxes, one small holiday cookie box, two holiday sampler bags, and less than two thirds of the chocolate packs. All said, I sold 86% of my home-bakes!! I felt very accomplished and happy with how the whole thing went.


These are the remains! The last of my stock that I took home. The next day, Hubby took this tray to work and sold off a little more. And the rest, we ate! And it was delicious!

As for it being my first craft show, I learned a lot about planning and my own limitations (at least with having two littles to take care of as well), and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

As always, thanks for reading!


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