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Pancakes & Pajamas Cookies

I love it when clients have fun ideas! Apparently there’s this new party theme coming up that I love, and sounds perfect for sleepovers. And I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title, it’s Pancakes & Pajamas! I made these cookies and got to have a lot of fun with the pajama designs.

The client wanted a bit of a “burlap and lace” or shabby chic look to the pajamas, which gave me a lot of flexibility. I made some classic pajama sets, and also some tee-shirt sets. Both of which were made with  a template, as I didn’t have an appropriate cutter. But it all worked out well, and so, so cute!

So, here we go!


The burlap look on the tee-shirt set was made with a basic basketweave technique with stiff, light brown icing. I used my scriber tool to rough up the ends of the woven “strands” a little. I could have added some more roughness by going over the entire burlap area, but I decided to let it be a little more refined.

The pancake cookies were quite easy, and I’m looking forward to possibly making a tutorial or video for them in the future. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any progress photos or video at the time, or I would have made it for today’s post. But someday!

Also: Yay! Six months of the blog! I can’t wait to hit a year. 🙂 For everyone who reads with me each week, thank you so much for sticking with me!


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