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The Last of 2016

I have more cookies for you all today!! I was organizing my files recently and realized that I have several batches of cookies from late last year that never got their time to shine here. So! Off we go!

First, the longest-neglected of the bunch, from an order in November of construction vehicles for a baby shower.

Next, some really fun cookies for an 18th birthday party. The theme was Retro roller Skates, and I got to see some really fun pics of the birthday girl at the rink with her cookies!!

Finally, a Christmas gift for a stargazer, all nine– yeah, I said nine!– planets, and galaxies to boot! Here’s the whole set and some of my favorites:


Look at Pluto there with  that cute little heart!! I’ll never let go, Pluto!!

So, do you have any favorites?

Thanks for reading!!


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