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Formal Brunch Birthday Cookies

Early January holds two special days for me: within four days of each other, I and my daughter celebrate our birthdays. This year was a landmark for me, as I hit the big 3-0. And my sweet, fierce little girl turned two! So, hubby planned our whole party, and all I had to do for it was cookies! Yay!!

He planned a formal brunch, complete with Mimosa and Pavlova bars (can you say, “delicious”?!), as well as mini-quiches and cheese platter. All in all, the fare was fantastic, and we had some really fun contributions from our guests. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of those, but I did get pictures of the cookies I made for it!

I ran with the “formal” aspect and did fancy dresses, shoes, and pearls. I also got the chance to use my Sugar Veil molds for the first time! If you don’t know, these are silicon molds that you use the Sugar Veil icing mix with. You smooth the mix into the mold and bake it to set the icing, and it comes out of the mold as a flexible sheet of a design (in my case, two patterns of lace). Once it’s pulled from the mold and left out (either on your counter– oops– or on your cake or cookie) it will dry hard and crisp. The final product is a little fragile, but so, SO pretty!

Take a look!


I also took the opportunity to make some freestanding cookies to amp up their display quality.


I loved how all of the cookies turned out. I think my favorites are the shoes, in the first picture up top, and the red dresses:wsimg_20170107_074432907

Again, very pleased with how they turned out. What do you think?

Thanks, as always, for reading!


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