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Speaking of Mavericks…

So, last week’s post was about how to turn a Nerf Maverick into a glorious steampunk weapon worthy of any gunslinger. This week is about a different kind of Maverick. The 1972 Ford Maverick, to be precise.

I got an order for these beauties near the end of January, with the request for it to be dark blue with stripes down the hood. And they turned out great!


Cars are difficult, because with the body variation, if you don’t do it just so it doesn’t look anything like the intended vehicle. In order to get the shape just right, I found a good reference photo of the vehicle on my phone, and turned up the brightness as high as it would go. I then laid an index card on my (cleaned) phone and traced the outside of the vehicle as closely as I could, and cut out that shape. Then I hand-cut each cookie using a small paring knife, tracing the template.

This is a method you can use to get any shape of cookie without a cookie cutter, but these templates need to be one-offs (don’t save them between batches!!), as they are in direct contact with raw cookie dough and will therefore absorb oil and the like from it. You do not want that card template sitting around breeding bacteria between batches. Ew. Just trace a new one the next go-around. It’s not as easy as having a cookie cutter, but it’s certainly more easy than trying to free-cut a shape.

If you were having a car cookie, what model would be your dream car to eat? 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


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