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The Coffee Corner Flip

Okay, so last week when I wrote about the geek wall, this is what I really, really wanted to write about. Because although I was excited to share the geek wall, last week I was in the throes of new-project-excitement over our new coffee corner, but I couldn’t post about it at the time because it was a surprise for the Hubby who was away on business and wouldn’t be back for a few days and so I couldn’t share-or-it-would-give-away-the-surprise-and-GAAH!


Now I can share. 🙂

Before I get to the good stuff, let me first share what I was working with. This corner of our kitchen has always been a bit of a hodge-podge of bits. The cookbooks were there, as were the coffee and tea things, serving ware, various batteries and manuals, emergency candles and lighters, et cetera, et cetera, and so on. Here’s what I was working with on the day I started the project:


As of these photos, I was already clearing out some things. Step 1 was to obtain a new bookshelf for the cookbooks (and some of my cookie odds and ends that needed some elbow room). I found one at Target for $18 that juuuust fit in my available space in the dining room. At the time of those photos I had assembled it and was almost done re-homing my cookbooks. They’re much happier now.

Step 2 was to clear the way for the installation project. I knew I wanted to give this corner 100% to the coffee goodness, including turning the wall into one big mug rack, and so the cabinet doors had to go, as well as the old phone jack protruding from the all.. I was a little surprised that each door was only held on by one screw, but at least it made removal easy. The phone jack, on the other hand, was a little more stubborn. I removed one set of screws and pried off the face plate, discovered another set of screws and that the box was painted to the wall, pried that off and was finally able to clip the wires to remove it completely.

Step 3 was to begin installing the mug setup. With the weight of the mugs, I didn’t want to rely on the drywall to hold up the hooks (bad experiences, y’all…). I decided that to make things sturdier and to attach the hooks to boards which were directly attached to studs. So, I pulled some 1×4’s out of our stash and got them cleaned up. I did a little math for spacing, and worked in five boards (flush to the top of the nearby doorframe and the bottom of the cabinets), with seven hooks each (I spaced mine at 4″ apart, but I wanted to get a lot in there; if you want to do something like this and have a more relaxed feel, go for 5″-6″ apart). It even worked out so that one of the boards perfectly covered the hole left by the phone jack. ProTip: If you wash your boards before putting them up, let them dry completely before you put them up. The moisture makes the wood expand, and when it dries out it will make unsettling popping noises against your wall. Also, your wood could crack, but luckily that didn’t happen.

Here is where I was at that point:


Apologies for the blur, but you get the picture. After this the hooks went on without a hitch and after picking up some cute baskets (on sale, yay!) I could continue to Step 4: moving things around. I hung up all the coffee mugs on my shiny new hooks, put all the tumblers and other non-handled mugs into a basket. I sorted our coffee into a basket and a labeled bin for the small quantity of decaf we have for whatever reason. I pulled out my big basket of half-empty boxes and tins of tea and condensed them into labeled plastic bags in the two tea bins, and our various drink mixes went into a fourth bin. Further shuffling happened until I was happy and landed on this:


It definitely turned a sad little corner into a happy little corner! Everything has a home now!

Oh, and coffee-fiend Hubby was very excited to come home to this. 🙂

Have you taken on any cool home projects lately? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!



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