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High Tech Bridal Shower Cookies

Last week I promised a peek at some fun technology I got to use on a recent order, and here it is! I had an order for these beautiful bridal shower cookies (which I adore, bee-tee-dubs):


So, how did I use technology? This slick little baby, right here:


Ta da!! A Pico LED pocket projector! It’s so tiny (a little bigger than a playing card), but packs a huge punch! It kept all of my writing beautifully even and the same size across all the cookies.  Look what I can do with this coolness:


This video is sped up 8x; it took about a 1m20sec to write the name once I got the hang of it (the “Bride-to-be/Grace” lettering obviously took a little more time).

And I loved using the projector! There was very little learning curve (make the lettering image in Photoshop, load it onto a USB, plug it in, and go!). I would definitely recommend it to any cookier who does a lot of lettering or needs to get that piping just right.

If you’re looking for a great little projector, this is the one I purchased (this is not an affiliate link). And this is the tripod I purchased, except that it now comes with a cellphone clip (likewise a non-affiliate link).

Before you go! Would you be interested in a tutorial video on how to use a Pico projector for cookie decorating?

As always, thanks for reading!!


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