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Easter Pretties

Whoo!! Busy, busy, busy! I’m late posting this week (ruining my on-time streak! 😥 ), but I promise it’s for a good reason?

Easter goodness!!

I’ve been working all week on cookies for Easter orders, and new Easter clothes for my kiddos! And so I have pictures of the pretties! Well, not #2’s easter dress– it’s not done yet. But, anyway, here we go!!


I sold everything except the PYO’s (Paint Your Own) as boxed sets. I love the little bunny bums! What’s fun about them is that my bunny cutter is shaped just right so that I can make bunnies one way, or turn them upside down to do bunny bums! Easy peasy!

Less easy-peasy are my kids’ Easter clothes. Not that they were especially difficult for a sewing project, but things are more difficult when you aren’t paying enough attention and have to do things over again (and more difficult when the instructions aren’t as clear as you’d like…)


The fabric is really lightweight, perfect for Alabama spring (you know, when it’s already hitting the 80’s before the end of April?), and was part of a stash of fabric I got from my mother-in-law. This shirt is for #1, and I’m working on a dress for #2 that’s made of the same fabric, but with some pink trim and lots more ruffles (of course!). I’ll have it done in time for Easter (hopefully!!) and next week’s post (definitely.), so you’ll get those cute pictures, too.

See you, then!

Thanks for reading!


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