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All the Ruffles!

So, last week I was working on all kinds of Easter pretties. At the time I was working on my #2’s dress, to go alongside big brother #1’s shirt, which looked like this:


So, are you ready for some ruffly, truly girly goodness? Brace yourself. It’s a lot of ruffles:






And in action.

The skirt is two half-circle layers, each with four yards– yes, four yards— of fabric ruffled. I know this because the piping comes in 4yd stretches, and it took a packet each for both layers of the skirt. Then some extra piping for those flutter sleeves.

It’s not perfect. The sleeves were tacked down because I made it too big (I didn’t work from a pattern), and the ribbon was added to help keep it in place for the same reason (and it’s pinned on so it wouldn’t slip around on the dress). But overall, I was quite happy with it, and my little girl was so excited for the dress! And, now that it’s no longer a surprise, it’s not going to be difficult to make edits for size.

I might pattern it out some day (you know, if I find the time… *snrk!*), because it’s too durn cute!! to make only one.

Thanks for reading!


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