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More Magnificent Macarons

Last week was a huge success– both from the tasty cookie perspective and from the blog post success standpoint (Facebook says my post regarding it was seen by over 650 people, which for me is huge– usually I’m somewhere around 150). So, that’s fun!

I did a little troubleshooting and figured out why my macaron tops were a little lumpy: I needed to work it a little longer so the batter thinned out a little more. With thinner batter, it becomes a little “runny,” which allows the surface of the batter to smooth out and form a nice, even cookie. Compare the first batch of unbaked macarons to the second batch:

IMG_20170509_213430310compare ws

Huge difference, right?  The difference is even more apparent once they’re baked, check this out:

IMG_20170509_213430310comparebaked copy ws

So smooth and pretty!! Here’s the trick to get that perfectly smooth finish: follow all the directions for macarons from last week’s post, but when you fold in the almond flour/powdered sugar mixture, continue working the batter gently until it starts getting more “wet” looking. Check the consistency by doing the Figure-8 Test: scoop up some batter and let it run off your spoon/spatula back into the bowl, and try to make a figure-8 with it. If you can make an eight, your batter is good to go!


Now, the runny quality means you’ll definitely want a smaller piping tip than I used! I used my tip 2A both times, and with the thinner batter I had to cover the tip with a finger to keep it from running out, which obviously leads to a lot more mess. I’ll probably use my tip 12 next time (just a smaller round tip). The thinner batter also meant that I got more cookies out of the same recipe quantities.

After piping out the shapes, tap the baking sheet well to bring any bubbles to the surface and pop them with a toothpick.

Then, proceed as in the previous instructions. I filled some of these with my “Chocolate Dipped Strawberry” Jam (I’ll have to share that recipe sometime…), and this is what deliciousness ensued:


Let’s say it together: Ooooo! Ahhhhh! Om nom nom! (Seriously, yougais, make some and eat them, for they art delicious.)

Hopefully that helps you turn out a better product! Again, I’m happy to try and answer any questions about the Macaron process that I can!

As always, Thanks for reading!


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