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How To Make Dalek Cookies

I’m late this week, so we’ll dive right in, shall we? If you want to whip up edible versions of one of the Doctor’s toughest enemies, here’s how:

wsStep 1-3

1) Invert a Frankenstein cookie cutter (this one is from Wilton, I believe, bought at Kroger last year).

2) Cut your cookies using the cutter, then use a knife to trim off the ends of the bolts. Additionally, you can trim down the sides to streamline the shape.

3) Carefully press up the “ears” to point upward a little more.

wsStep 4-8

4) Using a light brown, 20-second royal icing (RI), create the dome of the top of the Dalek’s head. Make the bottom of the dome curve slightly upward.

5) Add on the “ears” in white 20-second RI, they are shaped like cones with the tips cut off.

6) Using a med-stiff/writing consistency black, add a grill below the dome. Make sure that this section is narrower than the width of the dome. This can be done flat using a 20-second RI, but I like the look of the textured grill.

7) Create the body using the brown RI, similar to the “ears” the body is similar to a trimmed-down cone.

8) Add the bumper to the bottom. This can be done in 20-second black for a smooth look as well, but, again, I prefer the texture. Allow everything to dry.

wsStep 9-16

9) Add on the upper details using the brown RI: top and bottom of the ears; a trapezoid over the center of the dome; two vertical lines over the grill; a square, top-center of the body, with three lines parallel to the sides; create wells where the arms will go with squares open at the sides; a horizontal line around the “waistline.”

10) Using the writing-consistency black RI, add an off-center row of four circles.

11) Repeat the circles on the other side, then add a row of our C-shapes on either side of the circles. Follow that up with a row of four short lines on the sides of the body.

12) Using the brown, fill the circles to create the globes. Carefully “fill” the C-shapes so that it appears that the globes are curving around the surface of the body. Similarly add half-globes to the sides.

13) Add small black C-shapes into the arm wells.

14) Using a writing-consistency white icing, add the arms pointing out to the sides.

15) Using the brown icing, add three horizontal lines over the grill. These lines should come out to the same width as the bottom of the dome and the top of the body.

16) Add a black circle to the center of the head dome to begin the eye stalk.

wsStep 17-21

17) Whoops. My bad. Messed up my photo collage, and it’s past my bedtime, so I’m not fixing it now. ;P

18) Using the black icing, create the suction cup to the end of the left-side arm (create a D, with the curved edge against the end of the arm, then add a curved lip to the straight edge of the D).

19) Using white icing, add on two curved lines to the right-side arm to create the Dalek’s whisk-like laser.

20) Use a flood or 20-second consistency RI in royal blue to fill the black circle of the eye stalk. Add a small dot of white and swirl it in to create a shining effect. Allow everything to dry thoroughly.

21) Using a paintbrush reserved for food use, and luster dust mixed with a few drops of alcohol, paint the Dalek’s arms silver (add a dot of black icing to the end of its laser arm after painting silver), and gold around the other details: on the domes, around the arm wells, and on the “chest” details. I use “Coin Silver” and “Inca Gold” by CK.

Finally, if you use this tutorial, send me some pics over Instagram (@stuffjademade), and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for reading!



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