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Cookie Catch-Up 1

It’s been a while since I shared my cookies!! Here, have some! 🙂

First, I am excited that I now get to do these beautiful cookies for a local photographer, Jennifer Daniels Photography. I based the design around some ideas she had and added the gold feather from her logo. I’m very happy with these, and love how crisp the black and white looks with the splash of gold.


These cute Mickey-themed cookies were for a first birthday. I was in a rush to get them out the door, and so didn’t have time to take a nicer photo, but I snapped this before they left.


Finally, I did some heavy projector work on these graduation cookies. Customer ordered half Classic Sugar cookie and half Chocolate Chip. The jets were intensely fine-detail, but were worth the impact of the final result.


Remember, I do custom orders year-round! If you’re interested, click the purple button on the right side of the page, or go through the Book Now button on my Facebook.

Thanks for reading!


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