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Picnic Cookies: Grass & Picnic Blanket Tutorial

Happy Independence Day! For those celebrating, you know that one of the most quintessential methods of celebrating today (after fireworks, of course) is sharing a picnic with loved ones. So I’m here a day early to show you how to make these sweet grass & picnic cookies. These were done for my husband’s aunt’s birthday celebration this past weekend, but they’re perfect for your 4th celebrations! Cut out a message perfect for your particular get-together, and decorate away!


The materials you will need are:

  • Cookies
  • White royal icing (20-second consistency)
  • Black Royal icing (writing consistency)
  • Petal Dust (Lime Green and Dark Green)
  • Gel Food Color (Electric Green, Avocado, and Leaf Green)
  • Alcohol (preferably high-proof clear alcohol, such as vodka or everclear)
  • Stripe Stencil
  • Airbrush or ColorMist Spray with Red
  • Fluffy food-safe paint brush
  • Fine-tip food-safe paint brush

To begin, flood all cookies with white icing as a base and let that dry. If you are doing lettering or number cookies, be sure to flood so that the letter voids remain.

For the grassy cookies, use the fluffy brush to apply the Lime Green petal dust to the middle of the cookie. Fade the color out near the top and bottom. It’s okay if there is variation and the color doesn’t apply smoothly, it’s just to help give a more filling background to the grass. After the Lime Green, use the fluffy brush to apply Dark Green near the bottom, and fade it up into the Lime Green. Again, variation is fine.


Next, prepare your “watercolor” for painting the grass. Begin with a single, small drop each of Leaf Green, Avocado, and Electric Green in separate wells of a clean, food-reserved palette. Add 5-10 drops of Alcohol into each well, and mix. Once the gel color is well-blended with the alcohol, you will have a thin paint, like watercolor.


Begin with the lighter colors. I started with Electric Green. Using a fine-tip brush, begin applying long strokes starting at the bottom of the cookie. Lift the brush as you approach the top to create the fine tips of the grass blades. Don’t fill it in completely, just 6-8 blades should do to start on a medium/small cookie. And make sure they lean a little or cross over one another; the variation improves the effect.

Move on to the second color (Avocado, in this case), and paint on a few more blades of grass using the same technique. These should fill in between the existing Electric Green blades, and overlap occasionally.

Finally, use the Leaf Green and the same technique, but keep an eye on specifically filling in any remaining gaps.


Ta-da!! A grassy cookie! The effect is easy to achieve, but packs a surprising visual punch (while still being easy to read, if you’re doing lettering).

Now, moving on to the picnic blanket! On a flooded/dried square cookie (or square-ish plaque cookie), begin by adding 3-4 blades of Electric Green (1) grass to each corner or along the sides (I like the effect of the corners). Then add the Avocado (2) and Leaf Green (3), allowing them to occasionally overlap and cross one another.

Using a stripe stencil and an airbrush with red color (or using red ColorMist spray), add a set of stripes in one direction across the cookie (4). Allow this to dry, then turn the stencil and add stripes in the opposite direction to create a gingham pattern (5). Finally, using the writing-consistency black icing, create a trail of ants across the picnic blanket (6). You can make the trail go in different directions, loops, straight lines, or waves, depending on what you think looks best.

To create the trail of ants, begin with a trail of individual dots, with adequate space between (a; about 1/2″ apart). Add a second (b) and third dot (c) immediately behind each of the first dots to create the three segments of an ant’s head, thorax, and body. From the middle section of the ant, create three legs out one side (d), making sure that they splay apart. Add a second set of legs to the opposite side similarly (e).


And that’s it! The perfect pair for a sweet picnic! Come back next week for a tutorial on creating the accompanying Watermelon & Lemonade cookies!

Thanks for reading!


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