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Picnic Cookies: Watermelon & Lemonade Stand Tutorial

The weather Down South has been absurdly hot. Humid, sweaty, hovering in the mid-nineties, and simply atrocious. Just par for the course for summertime south of the Mason Dixon line. I think we all need some refreshment, don’t you? And what’s more refreshing than watermelon and lemonade?

This week I’m going to show you the process for making these sweet Watermelon & Lemonade Stand cookies. They go great with the Picnic Blanket Cookies I showed you how to make last week.


So, first we’re going to do the Watermelon cookies. These can be done in either halves or rounds, and both are shown below.

  1. Using Pink 20-Second icing, flood in the flesh of the watermelon. On the rounded edges, come to 1/5-1/4″ from the edge of the cookie. For half-circle, bring the icing all the way to the straight edge.
  2. Optional: Using an airbrush with red color (or ColorMist spray in Red), dust the curved edges of the pink icing.
  3. While the icing is still wet, pipe a white circle (or half-circle) directly against the pink using a White 20-Second icing.
  4. Again, while wet, pipe a green circle (or half-circle) directly against the white using a Bright Green 20-Second icing. You can use this to fill in any gaps between the edges of the icing and the edges of the cookie.
  5. Once dry, use a Black Writing-Consistency icing to add the seeds. I begin by placing a ring (or semi-circle) of dots around the edge (I did eight around the circle, five around the semi-circle), then use a scriber or toothpick to draw out a point toward the center of the cookie.

melonIMG_20170629_231432634 copy

Next, for the lemon:

  1. Using a White 20-Second Icing, pipe a circle (or half-circle) onto the cookie, and divide that circle into segments. I did this on the circle by making a cross, then an X to create even sections. For the half-circle, I made a perpendicular line from the middle of the straight edge toward the outside edge, then from that center point out to 45* angles.
  2. Using a Bright Yellow 20-Second Icing, make a circle (or half-circle) around the outside of the white circle. Allow to dry.
  3. Using the Bright Yellow icing, carefully flood the segments so that they do not over-fill (if they spill over, they will merge with nearby segments and ruin the effect).
  4. While still wet, add dots of White 20-Second Icing to each segment. I added three in a triangle arrangement.
  5. Using a toothpick or scriber, draw a line through each dot toward the center of the lemon to create a slightly fleshy effect.
  6. Repeat this process with a darker Yellow 20-Second Icing, adding dots…
  7. And then drawing a toothpick or scriber through the dots, toward the center.


Finally, I wanted to make a sign that looked a little childlike to bring these two elements together. Here’s the process on how to make the “Lemonade & Watermelon” sign:

  1. Begin with a flooded and dry white cookie. Using the 20-Second Bright Yellow, create a small lemon in one corner. I did this by making a circle, then adding a dot on each end. They merge together and create that distinct lemon shape. (Alternatively, you could create a miniature of the sliced lemons above.)
  2. Begin creating a watermelon slice in the opposite corner. Create a semicircle in Pink 20-Second Icing.
  3. Add a rim of White in 20-Second Icing.
  4. Add a rim of Bright Green in 20-Second Icing.
  5. Once dry, use Black Writing-Consistency Icing to create seeds on the watermelon (using the above technique).
  6. Using the Black Writing-Consistency Icing, create the script of the sign. I went for a childlike look, but feel free to play with the “font” to create your preferred look. To make it look childlike, I used a mix of capitals and lowercase letters, changing up the relative sizes of the letters. You could change the amount, as well, depending on what seems appropriate to you.
  7. Finally, using a paint of Leaf Green gel color and alcohol (one drop color to 8-10 drops alcohol) and a food-safe paintbrush, add a decorative frame to the edge to pull it all together. 🙂


I hope this was informative and fun for you! I certainly enjoyed this sweet set. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again next week!



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