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Cookie Catch-Up 3

I’m getting close to caught up! Here we go! First up this week, I have a “proof of concept” cookie set. Sometimes I do cookies just to give an idea a try and see how/if it works. These were an experiment to do a gender reveal set. I wanted to do a theme I hadn’t seen before, and try some new cutters I had, so I used these cute crowns to do a “Prince or Princess?” reveal set.


Ready for the reveal?! here’s how it looks when you break into the cookie. There’s a layer underneath the decorative icing that is either pink or blue. How cute are these?!


Obviously, I was very happy with how that little experiment worked out. If I ever do a set of these for realsies I’ll be sure to clean up the decorations a bit.

Next up, I did a set for a friend’s son for his birthday. If you don’t know the show, it’s from Octonauts. My almost-four-year-old loves this show, and I made some extras for him to munch on so he wouldn’t eat the others.


And finally, I had the honor of making cookies for my cousin’s baby shower. The theme was trains in blue and green, and I love how this adorable little set turned out! I’m absolutely dying over how cute that plaid turned out.


Seriously, so adorable, right? The polka dots and plaid were made using my airbrush and stencils. For the polka dots I did a round of blue and let dry, then offset the same stencil to add the green in between.

The plaid was a little more complicated. It involved a three-stencil set that you can get from Killer Zebras. First, wide stripe to set the base color (above as light blue), which has to be laid down twice (ones vertically, once horizontally). Second, a double-stripe set that creates variation on the initial wide stripe (blue again, vertical and horizontal). Finally, a contrast stripe (in green) that goes between the wide stripes. Altogether, six passes with the stencil and airbrush. It’s a little bit of a process, but it’s certainly easier than doing it in icing, and it’s so cute it’s worth it!!

The interesting thing about airbrush colors is that when you spray it on a colored background (as on the green and blue onesies) rather than white, you get a lot of variation in color. For instance, the blue-on-green created a bright teal stripe in the lighter areas with the addition of blue airbrush. It’s an interesting effect if that’s what you’re going for, but it’s also something to be aware of when using this technique.

Tune in next week for some really fun cookies! Thanks for reading!


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