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The Princess Dress Set

So, I like giving gifts. I like getting them, too, but I really like giving them. I like figuring out the just-so thing to make someone’s day, if I can. Which is why, when the opportunity arose a few months ago, I signed up to engage in a gift exchange with an online community I’m a part of. This particular exchange was craft-based. It could be anything at all, as long as you made it yourself.

After reading over my recipient’s list of interests, I kind of latched onto Cinderella and other Disney princesses. The first part of her gift was a set of art pieces (I’ll get around to that next week), and the second part was a set of cookies that I am really very fond of!

Get ready, because these are really pretty cool.


Here we go:

BOOM, Baby!!


How cute did these turn out?! And look, I made minis to go with them!


I adore this set. Let’s do some close-ups, shall we?

They’re shown chronologically above, so we’ll start with my childhood favorite: Cinderella (1950).


And I made her dress properly, comma, darnit! I’ve long been a little irritated that merchandise, art, etc. show Cinderella in a blue gown, when if you watch the movie it is very obviously silver. It goes bluish when she enters the shadows, but the Prince’s clothes do the same; silver, not blue!! (but I digress…) Which is why I made it in white and a soft grey and even gave it a little shimmer! (Also, she’s a strawberry-blonde… stepping away from the soapbox now…)

Next up, Aurora’s “Make it pink!!” “Make it blue!!” dress from Sleeping Beauty (1959).


As much as I love Cinderella, I am absurdly pleased with how well this came out. It was a lot of wet-on-wet work, which I enjoy, though it does take some patience to do right, especially with these splatters! I chose to do this version because it’s a fun moment in the movie, and I honestly couldn’t decide whether to make it pink or blue! So: Both. Both is good. 😉

Next up, I decided to do Ariel’s ballgown from The Little Mermaid (1989).


Hers seems a little less iconic to me, but I really wanted to follow through on the ballgown motif. Otherwise I could have done her blue-and-black combo, but there would have been an awful lot of bare space on that cookie. It was obviously the 80’s, what with her sleeves here and in her wedding dress, and I think that might have had something to do with this awful shade of pink for a redhead! (One of my redheaded sister’s great annoyances 😉 )

Finally comes another favorite of mine. I was not yet 5 years old when it was released in 1991. I still remember my Beauty and the Beast themed gifts and birthday party the following January…


It’s another dress that I have fairly strong feelings about. I really think it was intended to be a gold dress. There are only so many ways to make cell-shaded animation look gold, and I think they went the yellow route on purpose, but I do see her dress and think: Gold. So I did it in her iconic yellow and added some gold shimmer on top. 🙂

I packaged each dress individually, then made  two sets of the minis, like so:


I’m thinking about selling them at the next convention I do. I love how this set comes together. I maaay switch out Ariel’s for someone else’s, as it’s a little less recognizable off the cuff, but even so I’m pleased with this pretty set.

And, happily, my recipient loved them as well! Unfortunately a couple dresses cracked in transit, but everything else made it okay, including the artwork. But you’ll have to tune in next week to see those. 😉

If you were picking the princesses, which dresses would you choose for the perfect princess set?

Thanks for reading!


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