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Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

After last week’s more verbose post, I’ll keep this week short, sweet, and to the point! Some fun designs coming up, so buckle up, and here we go!

I know I have some people in the house who will know these right away: she is the one called Sailor Moon!! These cuties were a for a friend’s daughter for her birthday.


I did a little experimenting with the linework and gems, and I’m mostly happy with it, though next time I’ll try and tighten up my proportions.

Up next! An adorable girl’s baby shower! I loved the soft rose motif the client asked for, and had plenty of time to zen-out swirling all those sweet tiny roses.


I love the two dress designs. It seemed like a way to add extra visual interest without complicating things too much, and I’m happy with the results!

Finally, this week, just a grumpy little experiment. I had a few extra cookies recently and decided to give an idea a go. I had thought before about whether brush embroidery could convey feathers well, and finally had the chance to try. The ravens could use a little extra work (in part because they were completely freehanded and needed some proportion control), but I was just tickled at how the fluffy grump in the middle turned out! He could use a little more refining, but I’m still pretty happy with how his finished look came together. He took 30 minutes straight of brush embroidery to complete! If I’d taken a little more care with him, it probably would have been closer to 45 minutes or so.

But, at any rate, look at Fluffy McGrumpus!! 😀


As always, thanks for reading!


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