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An Interesting Combination

This week is all about the cookies again, and all of them went to the same birthday party. I was asked to do some cookies for a friend’s combination birthday party, and each of the children had distinctly different tastes.

First, there was the sweet little girl who loves cows. Say it (all together, now!), Awww!


Then there were two boys. One of whom was a Pokemon fan, His mom gave me her best guess as to his favorite with Squirtle:


The most challenging part of that little guy was getting the right shade of blue-green!

Finally, a boy whose favorite movie is Jurassic park, and look how these turned out!!


And, yes, that is a lot of detail!

I’ve gotten asked a lot of questions about these cookies, and so I’ll go ahead and answer what you may be thinking:

  1. With Patience,
  2. Practice,
  3. And a Pico Projector.

Beyond that, just a very fine opening on a tipless piping bag and a steady hand! (But the three P’s sounded cool, so they got the highlight. πŸ˜‰ )

See you next week! Thanks for reading!


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