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Did You Know that Dragons Love Tacos?

So, there’s this book. It’s adorable and silly, and revolves around the fact that– if you didn’t know– Dragons Love Tacos. Super fun read. The kids love it.

And there’s this boy. He stole my heart away the moment I laid eyes on him (mere seconds before he peed on his dad, before he could even be laid upon my chest), and at the end of August he turned 4. This fella loves that book, and I thought it would make a fun theme to celebrate his birthday.

We went out of town to visit my mom for the party so we could have a family gathering. It was a simple thing, but I had to do a cake, and, of course, cookies. Because reasons.

For the cake, I whipped it up in the last hour before family arrived, but overall I’m quite happy with it for as fast as I pulled it together (maybe I have some skills there after all?). It’s a taco! (Sorry for the pixellation, but I’m not fond of sharing my kids’ name/info on the interwebs.)


And as for the cookies: I may have had too much fun. But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? To see the cookies?? Here we go!


I love, love, love how the tacos and Totally Mild Salsa turned out! I used a variety of sprinkles in the salsa to create a mixed substance effect. The tacos were fun to do as well, as it required some different techniques. 20-second icing to form the shell, then let dry and speckle with edible ink markers. Then 20-second icing to do the taco meat and allow it to crust over before using the rounded end of my thick scriber to dent, crack, and shape it to look like ground beef. Then a thick green icing with a ruffle tip (I believe the 102) to create the lettuce, and 20-second icing to make the tomatoes and cheese.


I had to finish up the dragon cookies in the eleventh hour, so they weren’t as detailed as I would have liked, but the cartoonish look works for them. I loved doing the fire breath and swirling smoke coming from their ears! That kind of wet-on-wet technique is always fun.

That’s all I really have to share this week, but I want to leave you with this tidbit that’s a “learning from experience” word of wisdom:

If you’re decorating with royal icing, Humidity is the devil. It will kill your dry time, soften your icing (in more extreme cases), and make them dry matte instead of shiny. The icing will also lack structural integrity and break/crack/dent at the slightest touch. You may notice that the salsa labels above look a little messy and wobbly, and if you look close you may be able to see the pitting. That came from a long, slow dry time with unusually humid conditions (second day of heavy rain, humidity was definitely up), which made them almost impossible to write on with my edible ink markers. Many cookiers will use a dehydrator if they have humidity issues. If you want to combat your humidity, but don’t want to invest in a dehydrator, you can pop them in your oven with the light on. It produces just a little heat that can help in a make-or-break situation. Alternatively, you can pop them in the oven on its lowest setting (mine’s 175*F) and put the cookies in with the door cracked open for 5-10 minutes.


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