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Tea for Two

Just a little sweetness to brighten your day! I loved doing these “Tea for Two” cookies! For this order, I was given the theme, reference photos of the party girl’s dress, and the cupcakes they planned on ordering, and was allowed free reign to design the cookies after that.

Free reign to design anything I want?? Music to my ears! That’s just what every cookier loves to hear!!

So I had a lot of fun with these designs! I ran with five colors (dark pink, light pink, green, red, and white). I played with the rose motif on their invitation (I wasn’t given a reference, just informed that roses featured), and included the cherries and strawberries from the dress and cupcakes. Each design was tweaked for a teacup and teapot.


Overall, I think I like the rose designs best, but I can’t help but adore the strawberry vine and leaf motif on the strawberry cup and pot, and the rim design on the cherry teacup just makes my heart sing!


I might have to revisit this theme again, because those roses were a delight!

And let me share a little secret: if you are ordering cookies from me, the best way to get a little more than you bargained for is to let me do what I want. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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