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How to Make Your Videos Deaf/HOH Accessible

Unless you know me personally, you might not know that I’m learning ASL. A few months ago, I felt the urge to pick this back up again (I learned a fair bit in my middle school years when our church gained a deaf member and provided lessons to anyone wanting to learn to communicate with… Continue reading How to Make Your Videos Deaf/HOH Accessible

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In Summary: Try the Thing!

Have you ever wanted to try something, but were afraid to do it because it might not work? Because you might fail? You’re probably imagining the Thing right now, aren’t you? That Thing that’s been sitting on the backburner of your brain for aaaaages? But every time you think of tackling the Thing, all you… Continue reading In Summary: Try the Thing!

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Russian Piping Tips: First Attempt

Several weeks ago (running on a couple months, now) I was gifted a set of Russian piping tips (or “nozzles,” depending where you’re from). I wasted no time in putting them to use and made some cupcakes for a girls’ night. This was my first attempt with them so far, which pretty obviously shows that… Continue reading Russian Piping Tips: First Attempt


First Anniversary of SJM!!!

Woohoo! One year! I made it, you guys! A full year of posting weekly! Not always on time, but sometimes early, and every. Single. Week. 😀 I’m so happy. It’s been frustrating when I didn’t have real content, or things weren’t going as planned and had to be held back, but overall I’m very pleased with… Continue reading First Anniversary of SJM!!!