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Copic Alternative? #coloring Markers by Art Alternatives Review

Here we are, a day late but maybe only, like, a nickel short. I’ve been sick the last couple days, so this was slow in the making (I recorded it about a week or so ago, but hadn’t edited any of the video). But, at least it’s done, and I haven’t broken my weekly updating streak!… Continue reading Copic Alternative? #coloring Markers by Art Alternatives Review

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Copic Marker Video Tour

I recently watched a video from one of my favorite YouTube artists, Valerie Flynn (aka, Art ala Carte). In it, she gives a sample of each color Copic marker she has in her personal collection and provides a running commentary on her favorites, what she uses them for, etc. Despite being a longer video than I… Continue reading Copic Marker Video Tour

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First Impressions: Winsor & Newton Markers

In my exploration of the world of art markers, I hadn’t really considered Winsor & Newton. In this world, there are several competitors, but it seems that the winning brand is quite clearly Copic. As I have recently delved into this world, I completely understand the draw (see my first two posts about my Copic… Continue reading First Impressions: Winsor & Newton Markers

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Just a New Little Obsession…

I have Copic markers! And I’m a little in love. I’ve been watching YouTube videos from Baylee Jae, Art ala Carte, Draw With Jazza, and others lately. And I was entranced by the smooth, rich colors their markers produced. I’ve long wanted to add color to my sketchbook, but I had mixed  feelings about different medias.… Continue reading Just a New Little Obsession…