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Video Tutorial: Drawing Bubbles with Copics

It has been a while since I did a video, and I was feeling the itch! This week it’s a short and sweet instructional on how to draw bubbles in water using Copic markers. If you want to practice along, I used: Copic markers: BG10, BG34, B00, B02, G12, and later BG70 Colorless Blender (any… Continue reading Video Tutorial: Drawing Bubbles with Copics

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How To Make Dalek Cookies

I’m late this week, so we’ll dive right in, shall we? If you want to whip up edible versions of one of the Doctor’s toughest enemies, here’s how: 1) Invert a Frankenstein cookie cutter (this one is from Wilton, I believe, bought at Kroger last year). 2) Cut your cookies using the cutter, then use… Continue reading How To Make Dalek Cookies

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Tex Mess: A Think-Free Dinner!

Sometimes, when dinnertime rolls around, you want a quick dinner you don’t have to think about. You want to make dinner cheap and easy. Other than pasta (again) or pizza (let’s keep that down to one night a week, shall we?), what’s on the menu that you can whip up in a jiffy? Well, have… Continue reading Tex Mess: A Think-Free Dinner!

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More Magnificent Macarons

Last week was a huge success– both from the tasty cookie perspective and from the blog post success standpoint (Facebook says my post regarding it was seen by over 650 people, which for me is huge– usually I’m somewhere around 150). So, that’s fun! I did a little troubleshooting and figured out why my macaron tops… Continue reading More Magnificent Macarons

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Steampunk: How to Master Your Maverick

Guys, I’m pooped. I spent the last several days doing this mod, and then video editing over the last two days. It’s long, but it’s complete: The Complete Steampunk Nerf Maverick Mod Tutorial. And not only is it complete, it’s excellent. I’m super excited with how the steampunk gun turned out, and I hope the… Continue reading Steampunk: How to Master Your Maverick

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Champagne Sorbet or Slush

Have you ever wanted something to do with all that leftover champagne you have lying around? Yeah, I know: leftover champagne? What’s that? But we recently had a special occasion that involved multiple bottles of the sparkling beverage: a formal brunch birthday party for my 30th and my daughter’s 2nd (our birthdays are four days… Continue reading Champagne Sorbet or Slush