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Video Tutorial: Drawing Bubbles with Copics

It has been a while since I did a video, and I was feeling the itch! This week it’s a short and sweet instructional on how to draw bubbles in water using Copic markers. If you want to practice along, I used: Copic markers: BG10, BG34, B00, B02, G12, and later BG70 Colorless Blender (any… Continue reading Video Tutorial: Drawing Bubbles with Copics

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Copic Alternative? #coloring Markers by Art Alternatives Review

Here we are, a day late but maybe only, like, a nickel short. I’ve been sick the last couple days, so this was slow in the making (I recorded it about a week or so ago, but hadn’t edited any of the video). But, at least it’s done, and I haven’t broken my weekly updating streak!… Continue reading Copic Alternative? #coloring Markers by Art Alternatives Review

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Copic Marker Video Tour

I recently watched a video from one of my favorite YouTube artists, Valerie Flynn (aka, Art ala Carte). In it, she gives a sample of each color Copic marker she has in her personal collection and provides a running commentary on her favorites, what she uses them for, etc. Despite being a longer video than I… Continue reading Copic Marker Video Tour

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First Impressions: Winsor & Newton Markers

In my exploration of the world of art markers, I hadn’t really considered Winsor & Newton. In this world, there are several competitors, but it seems that the winning brand is quite clearly Copic. As I have recently delved into this world, I completely understand the draw (see my first two posts about my Copic… Continue reading First Impressions: Winsor & Newton Markers

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La Couronne des Champignons, Art Video

I don’t know if you have noticed, but recently there have been some really creative crowns out there. In particular, I’m kind of loving the Mermaid Crown trend. If you haven’t caught it, here’s what I’m talking about: Gorgeous, right? Well, these beautiful things got me thinking: what other things could become a crown? And… Continue reading La Couronne des Champignons, Art Video

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Three Marker Challenge

I’ve debated posting this or not, as there were some problems during video capture and so it’s not as complete as I’d like. I waffled around about it for a bit, but ultimately decided that it wasn’t worthless, and is reasonable enough content to start with. I’ll likely do some more of these (with better… Continue reading Three Marker Challenge

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Well, Maybe it’s a BIG Obsession…

Confession time: I’m addicted. To Copics. Like, I don’t have any more spending money, I’ve put way too much thought it, I can’t wait till I have a little more money to get more, Addicted with a capital A, Addicted. I’ve bought two more 24-count custom box sets of Ciao’s from Period Style, and I’ve… Continue reading Well, Maybe it’s a BIG Obsession…