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A Stocking Hanger that WON’T Send Anyone to the ER!

In our last home, we had a four-inch-thick stone mantel over our fireplace. I also had a toddler and a baby on the way for our Christmasses in that home, and though I wanted all the luxuries of a happily decorated mantel, I didn’t want the risk of injuring small children. Or myself, for that… Continue reading A Stocking Hanger that WON’T Send Anyone to the ER!

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2016: A Year In Review

Although I know it wasn’t everyone’s year in a lot of ways, what with it being an election year (blaaaahhh), and losing a lot of beloved artists (bluuughh), and any number of daily-life struggles we have as humans (blaaargghhh), I feel that for me it was an overall positive year for me. This time last… Continue reading 2016: A Year In Review

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Geeky Fun is the Best Fun!

If you haven’t figured it out from my Star Wars and similar posts: I’m a geek. I own it, because, quite frankly, life is more fun that way. Some people use the word negatively, but I think that being a geek is a positive thing. I think it’s simply being able to love what you… Continue reading Geeky Fun is the Best Fun!