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Happy Valentines Day! Cookies!!

Whether you’re happily in a relationship or celebrating Singles Awareness Day (or patiently awaiting the Feast of St. Markdown’s), I hope this Wednesday is a good one for you! Here, have some cookies! The “I’m Wild about you!” paw set: The “I’m Stuck on You!” cactus set: The “Cupid’s Arrow” set, this year’s best seller:… Continue reading Happy Valentines Day! Cookies!!

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2016: A Year In Review

Although I know it wasn’t everyone’s year in a lot of ways, what with it being an election year (blaaaahhh), and losing a lot of beloved artists (bluuughh), and any number of daily-life struggles we have as humans (blaaargghhh), I feel that for me it was an overall positive year for me. This time last… Continue reading 2016: A Year In Review

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My First Craft Fair

So, those of you who tune in know that there was not a regular post last week because I was busy with my first craft fair!! I’m a part of an area MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) group, and we threw together a fundraiser Holiday Marketplace. The goal was to allow our group’s “momtrepreneurs” to have… Continue reading My First Craft Fair

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The Experiment + Inspiration Roundup

Sometimes, you have an idea that you really want to try. Then you start doing research on it and see incredibly gorgeous spins on that idea on Pinterest or Instagram or wherever, and youย have one of two potential reactions. 1: You decide that you could never possibly achieve that level of gorgeous, that you’re utterly… Continue reading The Experiment + Inspiration Roundup