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Russian Piping Tips: First Attempt

Several weeks ago (running on a couple months, now) I was gifted a set of Russian piping tips (or “nozzles,” depending where you’re from). I wasted no time in putting them to use and made some cupcakes for a girls’ night. This was my first attempt with them so far, which pretty obviously shows that… Continue reading Russian Piping Tips: First Attempt

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Easter Pretties

Whoo!! Busy, busy, busy! I’m late posting this week (ruining my on-time streak! πŸ˜₯ ), but I promise it’s for a good reason? Easter goodness!! I’ve been working all week on cookies for Easter orders, and new Easter clothes for my kiddos! And so I have pictures of the pretties! Well, not #2’s easter dress–… Continue reading Easter Pretties

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2016: A Year In Review

Although I know it wasn’t everyone’s year in a lot of ways, what with it being an election year (blaaaahhh), and losing a lot of beloved artists (bluuughh), and any number of daily-life struggles we have as humans (blaaargghhh), I feel that for me it was an overall positive year for me. This time last… Continue reading 2016: A Year In Review