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In Summary: Try the Thing!

Have you ever wanted to try something, but were afraid to do it because it might not work? Because you might fail? You’re probably imagining the Thing right now, aren’t you? That Thing that’s been sitting on the backburner of your brain for aaaaages? But every time you think of tackling the Thing, all you… Continue reading In Summary: Try the Thing!

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How To Make Dalek Cookies

I’m late this week, so we’ll dive right in, shall we? If you want to whip up edible versions of one of the Doctor’s toughest enemies, here’s how: 1) Invert a Frankenstein cookie cutter (this one is from Wilton, I believe, bought at Kroger last year). 2) Cut your cookies using the cutter, then use… Continue reading How To Make Dalek Cookies

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Speaking of Mavericks…

So, last week’s post was about how to turn a Nerf Maverick into a glorious steampunk weapon worthy of any gunslinger. This week is about a different kind of Maverick. The 1972 Ford Maverick, to be precise. I got an order for these beauties near the end of January, with the request for it to… Continue reading Speaking of Mavericks…