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Cream Cheese Mints & Orange-Ginger Sassies

Have you ever heard of or participated in a Cooking Club? If you haven’t, you should. Just get a group of friends willing to give it a go, set up a rotation, and once a month a club member gets to choose a set of recipes and assign them to group members, then everyone brings… Continue reading Cream Cheese Mints & Orange-Ginger Sassies

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Tex Mess: A Think-Free Dinner!

Sometimes, when dinnertime rolls around, you want a quick dinner you don’t have to think about. You want to make dinner cheap and easy. Other than pasta (again) or pizza (let’s keep that down to one night a week, shall we?), what’s on the menu that you can whip up in a jiffy? Well, have… Continue reading Tex Mess: A Think-Free Dinner!

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Champagne Sorbet or Slush

Have you ever wanted something to do with all that leftover champagne you have lying around? Yeah, I know: leftover champagne? What’s that? But we recently had a special occasion that involved multiple bottles of the sparkling beverage: a formal brunch birthday party for my 30th and my daughter’s 2nd (our birthdays are four days… Continue reading Champagne Sorbet or Slush

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No Eggs? No Problem! Decorating Cookies Without Royal Icing

I faced an interesting challenge recently. A friend wanted to order some cookies for her son’s birthday party, but there was one problem: he is allergic to eggs. There are several ways to replace eggs in cookies, but the royal icing was going to be a problem. Eggs only serve as a binder in most… Continue reading No Eggs? No Problem! Decorating Cookies Without Royal Icing

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Easy Maple Praline Ice Cream

“You have to tell your kids ‘no’ about so many things, say ‘yes’ whenever you can.” This little tidbit was passed on to me by my sweet mother-in-law on our last visit. She said that when she was raising her littles, it helped her re-think how she approached her kids small requests. You can’t always… Continue reading Easy Maple Praline Ice Cream